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Although we are 100% sure you will fall in love with your Luka, we still want you to be comfortable with your purchase. Therefore our return and refund policy are super easy: simply return your Luka in unused condition in the original package and get a full refund up to 21 days after reciving your order. No questions asked, and the shipping label is on us.

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LUKA : Gold Nights
Deborah Schuler

Love the look and the ease when I need some help with the small print.

Love it!

Excellent optics. Light weight and nice usable magnifying surface

LUKA : Pinky Swear
Rhonda Postlethwait

This works as promised and is beautiful.

I didn’t get my order yet


I can read the tiny print now!

LUKA : Pinky Swear
Susan Douglass
Beautiful and functional

Big hit as a gift!

Fine Print

Very handy for fine print on labels or books and numerous other times when we need a little extra size. Great gift,

LUKA : Simply Gold
Donna Whitton
Gorgeous and highly functional

Opening my first LUKA had a wow factor to the experience. Even the packaging is beautiful. I rarely wear necklaces but am enjoying wearing my Simply Gold LUKA and not having to search for my reading glasses. It’s brilliant!

LUKA : Chain Reaction
Susan Douglass
Pretty & Useful

I love the Lukas and they make great gifts. Pricey which means I can only purchase once a year.

LUKA : Kululu Kululu
Joanne Chidwick
Luka necklaces are my best friend ...

When I need to read a menu (discreetly), when I the small print is too small - Luka really is my best friend at times like that - Thank you!

LUKA : Gold Nights
Handy & Great way able to read !

Just so easy to use ,it's in front of you . Reach and read ! Also so in beautiful style ! And surprisingly just right size for reading.

LUKA : Betty Blue
Now I have new Great Eyes ! And it's pretty ON!

Wow, I start to seeing small details on everything! And it's always in front of me. IDEAL !

LUKA : Kululu Kululu
Margot Segal
What a wonderful product!

I have purchased many LUKA “necklaces” for my friends and family. This is my latest purchase and this time it’s for me! I’ve worn it just once since I got it last week and received all sorts of compliments. Thank you for such a clever item.

Functional & Beautiful

I bought the Simply Gold as a gift and my Mom wears it everyday. It looks great with her jeans and with a cocktail dress! So glad she has something at her fingertips to help reading fine print. And she uses the pouch every night so the lens is clean and scratch free. She says this is one of the best gifts I’ve given her. Thank You!

New Luka

Love it! Looks and works just as expected.

LUKA : String Attached
Claudia Fatica

Have not received order???

LUKA : Gold Nights
Sandy Suminski
Functional Glam

I love both the design and functionality. I mostly wear my contacts (necessitating reading glasses help) on nights out, and this product helps me check menus and texts while looking great with my outfit.

Glad I finally gave it a try

I think this will be very useful. I was impressed how nice the chain was.

I Love My Luka!

I purchased my first Luka about 2 years ago. It's made with great quality, is a really cool accessory and I 've received so many compliments when I wear it - which is often! So handy for restaurant menus! It's nice not to have to take out glasses for a quick look at what you are reading. I plan to buy another for myself plus more for gifts this Holiday season. Wonderful idea and great product..

LUKA : Greased Lightnin'
Charleen Steeves

It can be helpful when reading very small print

LUKA : Gold Nights
Stacie Smith
Exactly what I was looking for

I got tired of searching for readers in my bag or not having them with me at all. My Luka monocle is a pretty piece of jewelry with great functionality for reading menus and labels and other small print when I’m out and about.

LUKA : Gold Nights
Lorrie Grevstad
Nice necklace & magnifier combo

Handy good looking necklace & magnifying glass. Four stars as seems overpriced

LUKA : Gold Nights
Carmen Gutin

I love ❤️ it!

Functional art

I cannot say enough about how elegant, clever and useful my monocle is. The design and color are sleek and unassuming. You can wear your monocle with other pieces too! How I love not have to take my readers out of my bag and put them on and off. My monocle is so discreet. It helps me deal with my declining vision with flair!

LUKA : A Cappela
Rebecca Morse


Free Shipping & Returns

LUKA : Our Story

A few years ago, Dana & Michal, best friends who just turned 45 years old , were sitting at a coffee shop. They started laughing when they both stretched their arms trying to read the menu. It was then when they realized they had reached the age of reading glasses…but wanted the experience to be accessible & convenient while having a functional chic jewelry piece for so many “small glasses moments”.
This is when LUKA was conceived and launched.
Wear it, never lose it. Take your LUKA anywhere; to the supermarket to read the labels & ingredients, the nail salon to read the nail polish color, price tags,  phone messages, and so much more.
LUKA is a fashion-first accessory that helps you see those little moments. It’s beautiful and practical but most importantly, it fits our age and lifestyle.
We believe that beauty and power come with age and choose to embrace change as an opportunity to make the most out of every moment.
LUKA. Look deep, See more.
“Reading glasses are for reading books, newspapers, and scrolling online”
LUKA is for every other little moment 💧