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Although we are 100% sure you will fall in love with your Luka, we still want you to be comfortable with your purchase. Therefore our return and refund policy are super easy: simply return your Luka in unused condition in the original package and get a full refund up to 21 days after reciving your order. No questions asked, and the shipping label is on us.

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LUKA : Betty Blue
Laura Cantwell
Love it

Loving it. Just what I needed and so convenient around my neck.

LUKA : Kinley Crash
Monica Shaw


LUKA : Snake Eye
Frankie Turnbull
You might not have thought you needed one

Oh wow, what a difference this has made to my day to day living. I was always searching for my glasses to check small print or checking best before dates etc and having this round my neck it’s so quick to do that plus it’s a really gorgeous necklace to boot. Have had a few really nice comments

Fashionable and useful

Very fashionable, the hardware attached to the lens is nicely crafted, and it’s very convenient, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t always wear glasses on your head! I no longer have to dig my glasses out of the case in my bag to see the ingredients on a grocery label. Though I read and understand that the lens is described as lightweight, I expected it to be a bit more substantial for the spendy price point; it feels rather flimsy to me.

LUKA : Limoncello
Elizabeth BELKNAP

So handy. I’m always forgetting my glasses. You’ll be glad you got one or in my case 2!

LUKA : Simply Gold
joyce blankenship
Fantastic magnifying necklace

Very clear and beautiful necklace! It is worth the money !

LUKA : Pinky Swear
Hamer Address

Wow! Love it… chain gorg and looks great plus the lens works too

Perfect for shopping

I need glasses while I am shopping, but I get fogging of my lenses with face masks and I dislike having to take my specs on and off all the time. My Luka is perfect for a quick look at an ingredients list or a clothing label and it looks like a stylish pendant. I’m very happy with my purchase!

Luka necklace

Where are we going to a party and you aren’t Hands Free and you don’t always wear your glasses. It always happens that someone wants you to look at small print on their phone etc. and this comes in handy.

Very nice.

Wonderful product if you don’t want to wear reading glasses. I do not like the black case. It is a little complicated for inserting the chain and the magnifying glass. It doesn’t work well. And this was expensive so I do not want the lense to get scratched.

Aboustly Fabulous

The long length is to die for. Nothing is on long chains any longer. Perfect to always have with you just in case. And I love the design. I can’t stop buying. Thank you Luka.

LUKA : Urban Junction
Karen E Phillipp
Nice to have for wearing/in your pocket/purse

Reading small print is difficult. Especially on Hair care products! Love this! Will order more for my friends for 🎁 gifts!

Beautiful in every way

Love my peach Luka! Bought one for a gift too. Lovely piece of jewelry, and so convenient!

LUKA : Pinky Swear
Mercedes Fernandez
Super cute

I’m happy . I get compliments every time I go to a restaurant lol

Luka : Café de Flore
Patricia Drozd
Beautiful pendant!

I really enjoy the beauty and functionality of this pendant. It’s not for reading a book, but it surely comes in handy when shopping or trying to read tiny print on a box or bottle!

LUKA : Urban Junction
Lynn Montanari
Awesome necklace and so helpful.

Awesome love it so much.

LUKA : Gold Nights
Sharon Joyner-Clarke
Beautiful they are totally different


Very Pleased

I get so many questions about my Luka Necklace every time I wear it. I love it and I really like the color.


It’s a great second pair of eyes.

LUKA : Karma is a Peach
Roberta Shapiro
Everyone wants one!

I love it!!!! The look is super cool and all of my friends LOVE it. It’s amazing and so much nicer than carrying reading glasses around!

LUKA : Gold Nights
Cohea, Josie

LUKA : Gold Nights


Love these little babies! Well done Ladies!

Love it!

It’s a beautiful & useful piece of jewelry.

LUKA : Urban Junction
Franchesca Biondo
Great design lightweight

My go to for gifts great design and hugely practical


This piece is so cool and elegant! Numerous compliments!



Luka Product Care

Your Luka monocle necklaces are designed and carefully made to accompany you wherever you are. Here are a few tips from us to make sure they maintain their shine and sparkle.

Luka Lens Care

Our monocles are made from a high quality optical polymer that is designed to last, but like all glasses it’s important to take proper care of the lenses. Here are our tips for making your Luka lenses last:

  • Use your carrying pouch whenever you are not wearing it. Your carrying pouch also has a divider inside to separate between the chain and the lens. 
  • Clean your Luka lens daily. Your black carrying pouch doubles as a cleaning cloth.
  • Do not clean with clothing, paper towel or tissue. These kinds of fabrics are too harsh and can scratch your lenses. Use a microfiber cloth.
  • Do not leave your Luka lenses near windows. The sun reflecting off the windows can damage the lenses or melt the frames.

Gold Plated Care 
Water, lotions and cleaning products are gold-plated jewelry’s enemies so avoid any contact between your gold-plated Luka necklaces and those substances. It is also preferable to take the jewelry off when working out, as sweat can also affect their shine. 
Once in a while, it is recommended to clean your pieces with a soft and dry cotton or microfiber cloth.
Do not use jewelry cleaner on gold plated jewelry, as it is too harsh for them.

Silver Care
Silver pieces are a little more tricky, as they can tarnish with humidity, oils, sweat or body lotions. Here's a few things you can do:

  • Purchase a silver polishing cloth (They are inexpensive and will last you a long time) and gently wipe your pieces with it. 
  • Place a square piece of aluminum foil in a bowl, place your silver Luka necklaces on it and pour hot (but not boiling!) water in the bowl. Add a spoon or two of baking soda in the bowl and mix around. You can leave the pieces in for about 30 minutes, then gently rinse off and dry with a towel. 


Pearl & Enamel Care
Taking care of pearl and enamel coated pieces is not very different from looking after of the rest of your Luka necklaces. Make sure to keep your piece away from water sources or any kind of lotion. It might also appreciate a gentle rub with a cloth every once in a while, just saying.