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LUKA : Our Story

About a year ago we were sitting at a coffee shop, two best friends who just turned 45,
as we were looking at the menu we started laughing. Apparently we’ve gotten old.
How otherwise could we explain the fact that we were both stretching our arms pushing the menu away to see it.
In that moment we started thinking about all those times we needed reading glasses but we wished we didn’t.
At the supermarket to see the ingredients, on nail polish to see the name at the bottom, price tags, phone messages,
the list goes on and on.  We quickly realized there are so many “small glasses moments”.
Always inconvenient, always a hassle. So much effort for such little moments where we wished to see without dragging out reading glasses.

“Reading glasses are for reading! Reading a book, the newspaper, scrolling online! They are not right for all these little moments." 

That’s when Luka was born.

Luka is a fashion first accessory that helps you see in those little moments.It’s beautiful and practical but most importantly, it fits our lifestyle and age.

In a form of a necklace Luka is there, on you,  helping you see when you need and bringing out your style at the same time. We believe that beauty and power come with age.
We choose to see change as an advantage and to make the most out of every moment. Luka is there with us.
Luka. Look deep, See more