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Although we are 100% sure you will fall in love with your Luka, we still want you to be comfortable with your purchase. Therefore our return and refund policy are super easy: simply return your Luka in unused condition in the original package and get a full refund up to 21 days after reciving your order. No questions asked, and the shipping label is on us.

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It is a present perfect for sure, while wearing my LUKA, everyone around got really interested in my new fashion accessories.
Love it



Second review of Kinley Crash

While I love the necklace, after wearing it several times I noticed that the gold finish is coming off around the back of the neck area. I guess the gold plating isn’t very thick. I will continue to wear it but it’s a shame for the price and only having been worn 3-4 times

Luka - Cafe de Flore

Just lovely!!

Fabulous customer service and beautiful jewelry!! Definitely will consider buying more for Christmas gifts!

LUKA : Present Perfect
carol bechtel
Just perfect/

Gift to my caretaker who does all my grocery shopping for me. Great for reading all the information on the backs of various food items she is not familiar with.


Love my Luka!

My Cafe de Flore Luka is beautiful. So convenient to use! I work in retail and have to read tickets often during the day. This is so much better than putting readers on and off all day long! I get many compliments and it’s fun to see the reaction women have when I tell them what my Luka is. I will definitely be buying more styles!

Luka Necklaces

Haven’t gotten them out, they are gifts. Your service is exceptional, but I think they are a little pricey but love the ones I got. They are beautiful 😻

LUKA : Kinley Crash
Deborah Guirl
Beautiful and Practical

This necklace looks so pretty on and and is so useful. I love it!

Great Gift

I just gave the LUKA Present Perfect to a friend as a gift. She LOVED it and the name is just right, it is the perfect present!

LUKA : Camouflage (Tortoise)
Priscilla Growney
Still waiting

I am looking forward to receiving my Luka. Unfortunately, I am still waiting.

LUKA : Cloud 9
Denise Wagner
I can see!

Love it! I’m a pharmacist and trying to read all the small print has become such a struggle. With my new Luka, I can see when I need to without having to remove my glasses or play the arm game. Y’all have an amazing and practical product.

Delivered as promised

I would shop Luka again.

My first

I love the looks but little over priced and I can’t return for refund!!! If I knew wouldn’t ordered two items!
That is not good customer service!
What’s up with that?

Love my luka

My luka is not only super convenient (I don't have to search for my glasses when I'm wearing it), but it's so beautiful. I bought the tortoise/camouflage one and I love it! I got that one, because I knew it would look gorgeous with everything AND it does. I love the long chain! Thank you for that! It's just an functional, elegant piece.

So happy I purchased this item!

It works great & the ease of knowing it’s around my neck when I leave the house forgetting my glasses! I took advantage the buy 2 get 1 free to give as gifts! Beautifully made!!

Now I can read the Playbill again.

Just what I needed to read the Playbill. Thank you so much
For the quality item.

I love my Luka. I never realized how much I needed it! It comes in so handy. I just reach down and it’s there to magnify everything! I just got a new one in a different style. The only thing, I have to get use to it moving when I do and hitting on things.

Simply Gold Necklace
Sujatha Venkatesh
Cute accessory!

Loved this simple gold chain to go with the monocle!

LUKA : Gold Nights
Kathryn Anderson
Love it

Perfect for going out.

LUKA : Gold Nights
Mary Scanlon
Gold Nights

Beautiful and practical

Wore today for 1st time received lots of compliments, love it, Thanks

LUKA : Queen Bean
Kate Richards
Love them !

Love these ! I’ve been looking for a beautiful long necklace in any event and to find these with a magnifying glass at the bottom so I can actually look at things properly in the supermarket, even better. Very pleased with the service also.

Luka : Café de Flore

Simply Gold Necklace



LUKA : Our Story

About a year ago we were sitting at a coffee shop, two best friends who just turned 45,
as we were looking at the menu we started laughing. Apparently we’ve gotten old.
How otherwise could we explain the fact that we were both stretching our arms pushing the menu away to see it.
In that moment we started thinking about all those times we needed reading glasses but we wished we didn’t.
At the supermarket to see the ingredients, on nail polish to see the name at the bottom, price tags, phone messages,
the list goes on and on.  We quickly realized there are so many “small glasses moments”.
Always inconvenient, always a hassle. So much effort for such little moments where we wished to see without dragging out reading glasses.

“Reading glasses are for reading! Reading a book, the newspaper, scrolling online! They are not right for all these little moments." 

That’s when Luka was born.

Luka is a fashion first accessory that helps you see in those little moments.It’s beautiful and practical but most importantly, it fits our lifestyle and age.

In a form of a necklace Luka is there, on you,  helping you see when you need and bringing out your style at the same time. We believe that beauty and power come with age.
We choose to see change as an advantage and to make the most out of every moment. Luka is there with us.
Luka. Look deep, See more