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LUKA :  Gold Nights
LUKA :  Gold Nights
LUKA :  Gold Nights
LUKA :  Gold Nights
LUKA :  Gold Nights
LUKA :  Gold Nights

LUKA : Gold Nights

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Free shipping & returns
Money Back Guarantee

Feelin’ Rock n' Roll, acting like a lady. Goes with your black jeans, smokey eyes and attitude.

Luka : Gold Nights is a gorgeous frame-less Luka lens supported by a 15K gold plated ring hanging on a half 15K gold plated ball chain, half matte black ball chain.

  • Lightweight +6 magnifying lens
  • Handmade 35 inch / 90cm ball chain necklace
  • Black carrying pouch (doubles as cleaning cloth)
  • Free shipping & returns
  • Full money back guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
arlene gilbert
Pretty and practical

Very happy with this product

Lynne Hebert Greene
Beautiful and functional

I absolutely adore this piece of jewelry as it not only looks great but it also serves a purpose. I wear glasses but have a difficult time reading labels with small print, so this is perfect. I can be fashionable and use it to read small print when I need to. The great thing about Luka is that it's not only beautiful and functional but it's extremely light and very comfortable to wear. I love it.

Best regards,

Q-Rated and Fashion forward

LUKA neckless are hand-made & hand polished

Premium Quality Opitcal Lenses

High quality & lightweight optical lens

What is the strength of the magnifying glass?

Our Luka lenses are made from a +6 strength optical lens. The magnifying power is about 2.5x

How heavy is the lens?

Our lenses are lightweight, 0.4-0.49 oz (12-14 gr). This is to make sure that you don't have too much strain on your neck.

what if i don't like my Luka?

This probably won't happen, but if it does just reach out to our customer service team, we will send you a shipping label and once we confirm that it is back we will refund you. You can find our full return policy here.

How long is the necklace?

Our necklaces are 35 inch (90cmm) long.

how do i avoid scratches?

The best way to avoid scratches is to return it to the carrying pouch (that doubles as a cleaning cloth) when you're not using it.