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What People Say about LUKA

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LUKA : A Cappela
Rebecca Morse


Beautiful, Functional, Cool

My mother has gone mostly blind but can still use a magnifier to read her phone, etc. To quote her, "no more searching!" The monacle works for her and is always present hung around her neck. It's beautiful too. I got one for myself and plan to give one to each of my sisters. Beautiful, functional, cool.

LUKA : Gold Nights
arlene gilbert
Pretty and practical

Very happy with this product

LUKA : Gold Nights
Lynne Hebert Greene
Beautiful and functional

I absolutely adore this piece of jewelry as it not only looks great but it also serves a purpose. I wear glasses but have a difficult time reading labels with small print, so this is perfect. I can be fashionable and use it to read small print when I need to. The great thing about Luka is that it's not only beautiful and functional but it's extremely light and very comfortable to wear. I love it.

Best regards,

LUKA : String Attached
Stefan Anderson

Just love it

LUKA : Gold Nights
Carmen Lomax

My sister loved her birthday gift!

Easy to use

What a great idea. Helps when even my regular eyeglasses dont work

LUKA : Gold Nights

LUKA : Gold Nights

Not surprised

Not surprised the quality in a simple ‘string’ is as wonderful as the much more expensive pieces I have purchased from LUKA. This is perfectly perfect.....the most sophisticated 'string' I've ever seen. ;-)

LUKA : Gold Nights
Carole Hinrichs
5 Star Gold Nights

I am very pleased with the quality of materials as well as the design of Gold Nights. I am enjoying wearing it each day as a fine item of jewlery! Thank you, Carole

Unique Gift

I bought one as a gift for a friend and decided I MUST have one because it's perfect for museums/galleries and shopping instead of progressives or carrying 30 pairs of glasses!!!


Thrilled! Absolutely thrilled with the feminine sterling chain and of course the work horse.....the magnifier.
I now have 8 Lukas....I had 9, sent one back with no problems at all.
I'm covered for any/every look whether casual or dressy.
I can't wear progressive/bifocals/prescription glasses.....long story. So! I wear readers of different strengths....distance/computer/books.
These are a much needed aide for me when out AND at home too......labels/prescriptions/washing instructions and so much more.
The LUKA Ladies are a blessing. Thank You!

Another winner

The chain is more delicate looking in person yet secure with its strength. Very pleased. So so pretty.

LUKA : Betty Blue
Andrea Polk

Very handy and works well. Was stylish until the chain turned colors

Love Luk

Everyone I gifted a Luk is in love

Chic and elegant

Bought for my mom as a gift. Love the sleek, sophisticated look. She will love using it.


This truly is beautiful and now lower in price from what I paid....go for it if you are on the fence. This is my 6th piece from LUKA and a favorite. There is a shimmer that bounces off the chain.....a subtle shimmer.....a tasteful subtle shimmer. Had my eyes checked yesterday.....my 'mature' eyes aren't doing well, wants to see me in 6 months.....ugh. I was wearing Gold Nights which my Dr noticed and remarked on how nice it looked and commented on how "functional" it was for me as his patient. Hey! If my eyes are going I'm determined to enjoy the process using LUKA's gorgeous pieces which arm me mentally with style and humor! Thank you! I appreciate LUKA so very much.

Love my Kululu !

I love my Luka Kululu Kululu. I wear it and it looks like a beautiful necklace. I works so great. Now I can read labels!


This arrived early.....today! Like the A Cappela (sterling) recently received, this chain sparkles beautifully as well. I'm so pleased with all my LUKAs. I've gotten to an age where I simply don't need more clothes. So, I'm always on the hunt for accessories. My LUKAs add so much and helps my vision too.....can't beat that combo. Thank you!

LUKA : Cloud 9
Susie Kaye

Love it. Wear it everyday to work. It comes ion handy for reading all sorts of stuff. I also bought one for my friend for Christmas. Thank you

LUKA : Cloud 9
Joel Warnock

Looks great and does the trick. Highly recommend

LUKA : Rosé Please
Leslie Willoughby
Beauty and Function

So convenient and such a lovely accessory. It complements all of my outfits and gives me the tool I need to read micro print that is so popular these days.

Deserves 10 stars

I am officially on restriction.....I've put myself in a time out. This is the last I'll purchase the Rest of this year....thank goodness only 27 days to go.

This beautiful piece arrived today.....beautiful. The sterling silver sparkles/shines/dances....it can't help itself. Wow.....just, Wow.

If you're on the fence.....Jump!

LUKA : Deja Vu
Claudia Roca
Almost there

I finally bought the Gold plated Luka loupe. The loupe is really good quality. Not glass but I can see very clear. The chain and hardware is a disappointment. It was supposed to be gold plated and there are spots that are dark in the hardware. Not the best quality, especially not the the price


Nice to purchase from a company one can trust. This is my.....3rd?/4th?.....think 4th.....purchase and have grown accustomed to receiving only 'Top Drawer' pieces. There's no need to look elsewhere.....Luka has perfected this type of product.

OH? Not familiar with the term 'Top Drawer'? Translation: "Of the best quality; of the highest social standing." Ok, don't know about their social standing.....most likely A-list. Best quality'? Absolutely!